Thursday, February 18, 2016

Book Review: THE NIGHTRUNNERS (1987)

For me, any Joe R. Lansdale book or story is worth reading. He is a singular, stylish writer, with a voice all his own. The Nightrunners (1987) is early Lansdale, and so has its flaws. Its meshing of several genres (horror, crime, psychological thriller, splatterpunk) doesn't work as well as it should, and the characters aren't as well-defined as in his best work. But the book still has plenty to offer, with a couple of sequences (one of them a nightmare featuring a terrifying entity called "The God of The Razor") that are sure to haunt you for days. The pace is also super-fast and the prose immensely readable. It's a good read, but it doesn't showcase Lansdale at his best. If you're new to Lansdale, I'd suggest starting with one of his short story collections or his Drive-In books.

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