Sunday, August 21, 2016

Review: OUT FOR JUSTICE (1991)

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Released right before Steven Seagal hit it big with Under Siege (1992), Out For Justice (1991) is considered by many to be one of his weaker efforts. I disagree. While Steven Seagal has always been an acquired taste, fans of american action movies from the 80's and 90's know that Seagal is the real deal, and it can't get any realer than Out For Justice. The film has one of Seagal's better performances, as a cop with mafioso roots caught between being the good guy and unleashing his darker side, while the plot is original and the writing much better than expected. Add some thrilling fight sequences and a mesmerizing performance by William Forsythe as a coked-up spree killer, and you got one helluva an entertaining action pic from the Golden Age of Hollywood action movies.

N.B. The film's choppy editing and slightly uneven pace is a result of studio interference during post-production, as studio executives reportedly wanted a shorter, faster film than the one Seagal and co. presented with their original cut.

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